TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

We appreciate the trust you have in our office by

scheduling an appointment for a TMJ, head, neck,

or facial pain evaluation; or for snoring or sleep

apnea difficulties. We will make every effort to

honor this trust by providing the quality care that

you require and deserve.

Good communication and cooperation is essential for the best treatment results. We welcome any questions or comments that you might have.

Please complete the detailed information forms prior to your initial visit. We realize that the forms are quite lengthy, but accuracy and completeness of your answers are very important to the exam, the treatment plan, and reports to other referring professionals, insurance carriers and/or attorneys. Filling out the forms may bring many things to mind that were either forgotten or thought of as unimportant. You may have to look through the medicine cabinet to locate medications and dosages. You may perhaps have to search credit card, banking and insurance company statements to recall what health-care providers you have seen during the past several years. Please take your time and answer the questions honestly and thoroughly. **Please check forms for questions on front and back on some of the pages.

**A cancelled appointment will be valuable to another patient, so please attempt to notify our office 24 hours in advance if it is necessary to postpone your appointment. 
A charge may be accessed for missed appointments!!

Prior to extensive treatment, our office will consult you on the costs involved. Treatment for head, neck, facial and TMJ pain is often not cut and dried. The same goes for treatment for snoring and mild sleep apnea. Symptoms can originate from many sources. Your diagnosis and therapy may encompass referral to other specialists; including chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, psychologists, and others. Your treatment in our office may require different types of therapy. 

Treatment often can include two phases. The first phase is designed to diminish and/or eliminate your symptoms as conservatively and quickly as possible. This phase may involve in-office therapy and mouthpieces. Phase two is not always necessary, but can involve orthodontics (braces,) more extensive dental treatment or other more permanent procedures by your regular dentist, or another specialist.

Again, our concern is to provide you with quality care and create a comfortable environment, with the goal of symptom relief. Please read the next page concerning our office policy with you and your insurance company. Please call our office if you have any questions. We have several resources you can read to educate you on TMJ and sleep dentistry. WE ARE PLEASED TO HAVE YOU AS A PATIENT!!

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